Missed My Turn


Rising Mist in a Setting SunI just had to post this picture, though it is really quite inadequate.  I call it, “Rising Mist in Setting Sun.”

Do you see the crossroads there to the Left?  Yeah, that was my turn…I missed it!  Ah well, sometimes you do that when you are enjoying the ride!



Sometimes I wonder if I haven’t mis-named my blog.

I chose the URL “musingsofanamateurcyclist” for many reasons:

  1. I tend to think a lot when I ride.  I’m a muser, my thoughts stir me up and change me in some way.
  2. I’m NOT a professional.  I am most definitely an amateur and if you’ve seen me, know me, or have ridden with me, you understand that any professional riding is saved for a different lifetime.
  3. I am a cyclist.  Though honestly, a NEW cyclist, I have a growing passion for it.

I had an epiphany on my ride last night.

Seven foot high on the Eleventh of July! (yeah, ok, now you know... I'm short!)

Seven foot high on the Eleventh of July! (yeah, ok, now you know… I’m short!)

Perhaps I should change the URL to “musingsofaRURALcyclist.”  I do a LOT of riding in rural Indiana (and it isn’t hard to find the rural parts of Indiana, let me tell you).  Last night was no exception, I rode my 35 mile out-and-back to Ossian.  It’s a great ride and I was struck by the enormity and majesty of the corn this year!  It’s been a perfect mix of wet/hot for corn and the crop is stellar!  They have a saying when prognosticating about the corn crop, “Knee high by the Fourth of July,” means it’s gonna be a good year.  Well, what about 7 feet high by the Eleventh of July?  What does THAT mean?

I means a lot of things and I was about to learn a few on this ride.

I took full advantage of the setting sun…

I know the sun hits the Western horizon right about 9:30 pm and figured with a 7pm start I had plenty of time.  I knew I would be stopping several times for pictures and at my parents’ house to say “hey” and catch up a bit, but 2 1/2 hours is plenty of time. More than anything my late start is indicative of something I’m learning; riding gets better as the shadows get longer.  The air cools, the colors change, and the world goes quiet. (Perfect…minus the swallowed bugs.  I’m sure they hated the experience no less than I did.)

IMG_4714As I rode with the corn towering over me it seemed to grow taller in the waining light.  Toward the end I rode in deep shadow as the sun was cast over me.  It was amazing to see, to sense, to be a part of.  So cool.  I’ll definitely head out again into a warm summer evening with the sun falling behind the corn, just to experience it all over again.

Nope, I’m not a professional rider.  I won’t break any records for speed or win any races, but i will definitely…

Enjoy the Ride!